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Tips to use all the NSFW AIs like a Pro

Updated: Mar 29

All the NSFW AIs are powered by state-of-the-art language models, capable of generating diverse and contextually relevant content.

However, achieving the desired output requires a nuanced approach to crafting prompts. The platform responds best to clear instructions and specific details.

Be Specific in Your Prompts:

  • Instead of vague requests, provide specific details about the scenario, mood, or theme you have in mind.

  • Prompt: "'give me 20 captions, I will post a photo on social media. The photo is me in a red lingerie and I am sucking a lollipop"

Include Contextual Elements:

Incorporate relevant details such as colors, emotions, and actions to guide the AI towards your vision.

Example: We are writing a Steamy Story. Those are the prompts we will be using to make sure the story capture all the specific details we are looking for.

Prompt: "write me a scene on Kaley, she is my naughty neighbour. She is wearing a see through short top who is also very aroused when I wear my plumber outfit. Start the story where she tells me to ‘come clean my pipes!’

Refine and Iterate:

Don't hesitate to refine your prompts based on initial results. Experiment with variations until you achieve the perfect combination of words. You can always step-by-step-instructions to better guide your scripts.

Example: We are sending a video to Chad, who is one of our fan. He is requesting for a customized video of licking a lollipop.

Prompt: 'write me a script of me licking a lollipop. I also need 3 dirty things to say to Chad. I will send the video to him. Make the script for 5 minutes. Refer to me as ‘Kaley’. Keep it in script and instructions format so I know what am doing as well.'

By applying these tips and tricks, you can harness the full potential of all the NSFW AIs to create captivating and personalized content. Remember, the key lies in providing clear, specific, and imaginative prompts that guide the AI towards understanding and manifesting your creative vision.

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